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Back to France...?!?!

Bonjour, tout le monde!  I am writing this post from a tiny campground in the French town of Huningues, right next to the iconic "3 Countries" border where you can walk easily from France into both Switzerland and Germany.  But wait, you're thinking:  i thought they were done with France?  Wasn't the next step to head east into Germany, Austria, etc.?  Yes, that was the original plan... but like all good slow explorers, we have to be flexible and change the plans when necessary!  Read on and you'll find out why... Monday, July 17: After our delightful rest day by the shores of Lake Geneva in Cully, Switzerland, it was time to head into the Alps!  (I have to say, by the way, that Lake Geneva is now one of our favorite places ever.  Words cannot capture how gorgeous and relaxing this place is.  However, it is also clearly the playground of the rich -- unless you're staying in tiny campgrounds like we were -- so we may have to wait to come back until after Sai

Au Revoir, France... Bonjour, Suisse!

Dear friends and family! I know it has been almost a week since our last post, and I would say that I'm sorry, except that I'm not, really... we've been having too many incredible adventures for me to spend time typing on this Kindle!  (and also, we have very rarely had consistent wifi over the past week).  But that just means I have so many stories to tell you!  Brace yourselves, because this will be long... Monday, July 10: This morning, we had to say goodbye to the Goeminnes as we left Lyon.  It is always heart-wrenching for me to say goodbye to them, since they are so dear to me!  I still can't believe that Henri-Jean drove himself and Catherine for SIX HOURS from Tours and then six hours back, just to see us for the weekend!  Words can't express how grateful I am to them, and how sincerely I consider them my true French family.  I just hope and pray that they make it to Boston someday so I can begin to repay their hospitality and generosity in some small w

Chez Goeminne

I couldn't be more excited to be here in Lyon, sharing my old home and my French family with Adam!  He had already met the Goeminnes in summer 2015, when they invited us to vacation with them on the French island of Ile-de-Re and were impossibly generous hosts.  This is a trend with Catherine and Henri-Jean:  originally, when they heard we were going to pass through Lyon on our trip this summer, they insisted that we stay in their apartment (even though they weren't going to be here) and had their daughter, Aude, give us the key in Paris.  But, happily (and amazingly!) for us, Henri-Jean decided at the last minute to drive with Catherine for SIX HOURS from Tours to Lyon, just so they could be here with us for the weekend!  I can't express how much I genuinely hope they come to the US someday to visit so that we can even begin to repay their years of hospitality to me. Saturday was a nice, relaxing, and productive rest day.  We enjoyed delicious viennoiserie (croissants) f

Where are we now?


  • Red = We're going to bike that
  • Purple = We're biking that now
  • Grey = We biked that!
  • Black = We decided not to go that way
  • Yellow = We took a train
  • Magenta = We took a plane