Getting to Paris: Best Traps Workout Ever!

Well, friends, we made it to Paris yesterday and we couldn't be happier!  Especially since getting here was way more physically demanding than we had expected, given the fact that we thought the BIKING part was going to be hard...

First of all, I have to give a quick shoutout to Boston Logan Airport, because despite the crowds, the lines, and the fact that I originally brought us to the wrong terminal (oops), it was probably one of the most pleasant airport experiences of my life!  Everyone we met was so kind, friendly, and helpful (half because we certainly looked like curiosities in our bike helmets, and half because I went around excitedly telling everyone that we were finally on our honeymoon!)

We landed in Charles de Gaulle, sleepily reinforced the tape on our bike boxes (which had been un-taped before our very eyes by a TSA officer), and that's when the real work began:  getting two 50+ lb bike boxes, plus a few other small (but heavy!) panniers with various unergonomic backpack and shoulder strap attachments, from the airport to the RER train to a Metro transfer to the front door of our AirBnb in Place de la Bastille.  There were far more byzantine subway tunnels, faraway elevators, and surprise staircases along this journey than we would have liked, not to mention the fact that our final Metro stop, Bastille, had no elevator whatsoever, so we had to carry the bikes down long stairs off the platform and then back up onto the street!  (And then, of course, our Airbnb was a 2nd-floor walkup... but the French 2nd floor is the American 3rd floor!)  BUT, we made it, and no one cried along the way!  (This is mostly thanks to Adam's incredible patience and gift for making me laugh when I'm frustrated.)  And our shoulders definitely got the workout of a lifetime from dragging and lifting those bike boxes, so I am never doing those shrug weight-lifting exercises again.  ;-)

We couldn't be more thrilled with our Airbnb, which is on a private cobblestone street (with a locked gate at night!) that is literally JUST OFF Place de la Bastille.  I had never been to this part of Paris before and I love it!!  Far less touristy than more western parts of town, with amazing restaurants around every corner and real Parisians everywhere you look.  After a much-needed nap, we enjoyed a lovely post-rain walk along the Coulee Verte, otherwise known as the Promenade Plantee, which was the inspiration for the NYC High Line:  a park located on an old elevated railway!  (apologies to fellow Francophones out there; I haven't yet figured out how to type accents on this Kindle.  Also props to Deirdre for the Promenade recommendation!)  We saw many beautiful flowers, escargots in the wild (snails!), and fascinating new neighborhoods!  It was a wonderfully relaxing evening after a longgggg day.

We ended our first day with a characteristically late Parisian dinner (at 9:30) at a creperie inspired by the French region of Bretagne, famous for its galettes (buckwheat crepes with savory fillings) and cider (which I had in a kir cocktail).  Ah, Paris!!

We have also set up our European data plans, so we are both now reachable on Skype or WhatsApp (and for fellow iPhone users, you can still text me normally through iMessage or call me through FaceTime).

Adam should be waking up soon, so we'll be off to explore Paris some more!  Bonne journee!!


  1. The few pics you posted look awesome already. What a great adventure! 💕

  2. First off, your posts are awesome! I'm so excited for (and slightly jealous of) you and your adventure. Glad to hear you made it safely and I look forward to more posts to come. Stay safe and have fun!!


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