Here we go!

The last couple of days before the trip have been great fun! We got to spend some time getting to know our awesome new friend, Mary Alice, who will be house sitting for us while we're away, and saying farewell to many friends on Taco Sunday. And since Caitlin had us so well organized (she makes the best lists!) we didn't have a mad dash to the finish line :-)
We're all packed and ready to go, and since we had to put both back seats down in The Boss (Caitlin's Subaru Crosstrek), I'm taking the T to the airport and meeting Caitlin there with Delfina.
The bike boxes are 49lbs each (just under the 50lb limit), we each have a large pannier with backpack attachment, and a questionably sized "personal item". We may have to play the honeymoon card... (thanks for the tip, Chris!).
It's going to be a long couple of days getting to the starting line of our bike adventure!

And now it's time for takeoff!!


  1. I couldn't be happier to have dropped y'all off in the Boss!🚗 I will think of y'all frequently. Enjoy the adventure! 😘😘


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